Beautiful GardenWhen guests visit your home for the first time, their first impressions of your house and your organization capabilities are solely based on your yard. While it is important to have a neat house that is well decorated, a great yard offers equal benefits. This is why at Dave’s Landscaping we offer top quality landscaping services to clients across Atlanta, Georgia.

We have been designing and maintaining yards for our clients and our superior quality landscaping services are well known among residential and commercial property owners across the city. We customize our landscaping services to suit the needs of each client.

Our Key Services

Our variety of landscaping services includes the following

i. Landscape Designs.

We believe that every yard should be unique, and the additions that look good on one yard cannot be used for all yards. Our work involves assessing the location of your house and the overall features of your yard as well as the space available and this information helps us to choose the best design for your yard. Whether you live up on a hill or at the cul-de-sac of your street, we promise to give your yard an impressive design that will match your personal preferences and blend in well with your surroundings.

ii. Lawn Care.

Man cutting the grass with lawn mowerThe designs you pick for your yard can only be sustained with proper lawn care. We know that you may not have sufficient time for mowing your lawn or tending to the flowers in your garden. This is why we offer the best lawn care services at your own convenience. Our lawn care services are unique because we actually test your soil to determine what plants and grass are most likely to thrive in your lawn. We also have many techniques of increasing and controlling foliage around your yard, and we can offer solutions to any lawn problems that you have been experiencing. Whether you want your lawn restored or maintained to your tastes, we are the best professionals to help you out.

iii. Custom Patios.

Patios can be an excellent addition to any yard. Apart from aesthetic value, they can also create a nice place for entertaining and relaxing right in your backyard. Our custom patios are made from different materials, and they can be designed in a unique way to meet your standards. We can also restore patios that have structural problems, and whether you want a patio right off your kitchen or by the pool, we assure you that we can build you something spectacular and functional.

iv. Irrigation.Gardening. Lawn Sprinkler Spraying Water Over Green Grass in Garden

The plants in our yards rely on water to grow, and we all want blossoming gardens without having to water our flowers and herbs manually. Our work is to install the best irrigation systems that can pump water to your plants and grass as needed. Whether drip irrigation systems or sprinklers, we will install an irrigation system that fits within your budget and can provide your plants with sufficient water. If your irrigation system is broken, we can also fix it or even recommend something more suitable.

Why Choose Dave’s landscaping Services

Maintaining an impressive yard is quite time-consuming. However, if your hire professional landscaping services you can benefit greatly because:

– You will save time
– You get the best professional yard maintenance advice
– It is cost effective
– You do not have to struggle or dirty your hands

Our Passion

We know that so many landscaping services might offer similar services. However, our passion for landscaping is one of the things that makes us stand out. Our landscaping projects exude quality and finesse, and this is why our clients keep coming back.Besides the wide variety of services, we also guarantee you that we will complete your landscaping project within the time specified. We do not drag project because we have experience in landscaping and are dedicated to offering the best services.

You are also assured that we will prioritize your landscaping needs and preferences, so when you seek our services, you can feel free to voice your ideas so that we customize them. When landscaping, we also place safety as a top priority. You can rest in the knowledge that we all our methods are green and environmentally friendly.

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There is no need to get anxiety attacks about your miserable looking yard anymore because, at Dave’s Landscaping, we transform the worst yards into lush, enviable gardens. We offer free consultations and quotations for our landscaping services. Contact us today to get your yard professionally transformed.  We serve the Atlanta area and work with Decatur Lawn Care to serve the Decatur area.